things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 11

these friends

these lipsticks (swoon)

this cozy nook 

this tattoo (and others that are inspired by mental illness)

these mismatched frames. i felt inspired so i ordered a bunch on sale at hobby lobby to spray paint and then decorate the guest room!

these dreamy starry creations

this fireplace!

these words by the incredible pema chodron

this awesome tutorial. I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive and then giving it a try!

these bracelets. i had one made for a friend with the coordinates of where she is getting married and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY. love the idea of being able to have the coordinates of a special place engraved on a piece of jewelry. i got the idea from a sweet friend who had one made for me as going away present with the coordinates of where sean and i first met  (thank you loreney)

this loveliness. i have been a weepy mess as of late.

this beautiful table and beautiful gathering. kristen hedges (whose writing i just love) recently held a gathering free to all in her town. so often we can feel removed from those around us. what a lovely way to make new friends and break bread together.

these amazing perfumes. i have been looking at their website for a few years and finally decided to order a few imps (teeny tiny perfume bottles for 4$) there is a strong nerd/geek undertone to a lot of their perfumes which i really love. i bought 51, blood kiss, santa eulaira des riu and they threw in imp for free. if you have dreams of smelling like fraggle rock, neil gaiman’s stardust, witchblade, the last unicorn, or  shanghai…here’s your chance.

brain food:

i quit drinking 4 years ago

kids with parents in prison deal with untreated trauma

how social media is making us body positive

the unbreakable rebecca black

photos defy conventions about women and aging

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