things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 10

Happy happy Thursday friends!!

this lovely table.

this adorable  yarn bowl

these boots

this incredible woman. she lost her son landon due to complications from birth and has written and posted photos through her journey with grief. she has done so much to help voice what it is like to lose a child and has created yoga retreats for mother’s who have also lost children in infancy. her spirit is amazing.

this poem by mark strand

this lovely mediation spot

these jeans. i’ve had to sadly switch from my beloved skinny jeans which made the nerve pain in my leg worse to wider legged jeans. i got these on sale and they are super mega cute (forget your vanity and order a size up)

this amazing brow pomade. anastasia beverly hills is the queen of brow products and this one doesn’t disappoint

this sandwich. BALT (bacon avocado lettuce tomato) with red pepper hummus instead of mayo. A few guacamole chips for a side. so freakin’ good. do yourself a favor and duplicate!

this grown ass otter who knows what she wants!

this lovely entryway

this incredible succulent infused alphabet letter

brain food:

should doctors operate on intersex babies-

appropriation vs appreciation

21 books from the last 5 years that every woman should read

chronic pain harms the brain

my adopted sister tried to kill me (repeatedly)

the honest company’s sunscreen is leaving people with bad sunburns



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