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music monday : yoga flow


So as you guys may know I really love yoga. In my daydreams, I sometimes think about how amazing it would be to be a yoga teacher (I’ve also daydreamed about being a Spinning instructor AND a Girl’s on the Run coach). I guess I feel drawn to sharing my love for moving my body and helping other’s find activities that feel good to them as it took me a few years to find physical activities that I loved. Quite a few of my friends have done or are doing Yoga Teacher Training and I must admit I may be a smidge jealous. It is definitely on my “I WANT TO DO THIS WHEN I’M BETTER” list.

So since that is a ways away here is my take on a lovely sweaty yoga flow…

Picture a small well-lighted studio with great natural light. Warm because it would be hot yoga (NOT bikram) but not overpoweringly hot.

Your teacher (ME!) would start out the class discussing the theme of “Effort and Surrender” and how this can be applied to life and your own yoga practice. Talk about finding your “edge” within your practice and when to push your body farther and when to “surrender” your ego and listen to your body’s limitations.

Warm up with Gansha by Wah!, do sun salutations through Two Weeks by FKA Twigs, flow through standing postures with the next three songs (Entropy, Latch, & Lebanese Blonde), for 1998 begin a series of chair pose asana transition to twisting left or right as you root down into the posture, seated postures through (Swim Good, Royals, OM Nashi Me) focusing on shoulder opening, practice crow/side crow through Ride by Lana Del Ray, core strength poses through (Beloved and Here comes the sun), Closing/Shavasna during Solar by Protophonic. I would walk around touching each student’s forehead with Lavender.


A girl can dream….
What songs would you play if you were a yoga teacher?

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