things i love thursday

things i love thursday: number 9

It’s my first week as a Charlottesville gal. So much to unpack but my heart is super happy. A happy heart is a thing I definitely love a lot. Here’s some more…


this beautiful terrarium i bought from a dear friends boutique. i am ready to have a serious succulent fest in this house as i am already missing my beautiful stonecrop  at the old house.

this beautiful wreath and the words that are on it.

this amazing quilt made out of fun knitted hexagon “puffs”. i wish i would get it together and start making one for us!


this camera. my dad is a sweetheart and has given me his old nikon so i can begin taking pictures again. so excited!!!

this jewelry company. my husband is constantly taking his wedding ring off and losing it. long story short he lost the original one behind our bed, i found it when we moved our bedroom upstairs, and now it is lost again inside our car’s ac vent. so i found this company and he secretly bought a new one like the one in the picture with our wedding date engraved and the incubus lyrics “if not now when”. absolutely beautiful work.

this little gem.

this hoodie. i’ve had it almost a year and i wear it constantly. perfect for cooler nights in the summer as well as spring and fall days.

this book. sean gave it to me for my birthday and it was a great easy read. the ending wasn’t a surprising as people made it out to be but it is the quintessential summer read this year for sure.

this book too. i was a HUGE HUGE HUGE madeline l’eagle fan as a little kid and read all of the time quintet books. so naturally i freaked out when i found out she had more adult books. a friend recently gave it back to me after borrowing it (along with its prequel  Camilla) and i am so excited to re-read it again. i love how different characters from different series find their ways into all of her books.

this sesame beet salad with chia dressing

this lipstick is rocking my world. kat von d’s liquid lipstick is the perfect matte. i bought vampira (featured here) and lolita.

these meditational mantras. i have been doing them every night and am committing to doing the full 21 days (hold me to this guys) can find all of the mantras on spotify for free!!

these great ideas of how to utilize old windows

these truths. plain and simple.

this hair. oh my gosh i want  purple or turquoise hair you guys. so much.

this ice cream. want want want.

this infrared sauna. for anyone dealing with lyme/co-infections or other illnesses that create muscle and joint pain, this sauna is SUPER helpful.

this super cool desk you can throw together yourself

this incredible way to create a lovely home. i wish there was a way to make this available for a lot of populations of people from low income to those with environmental sensitivities/mold issues.

Awesome things to read and watch:

disabled people can be sexy too

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the discrimination no one talks about

love is the answer

instagram is banning the hashtag #goddess

when you can’t afford to buy diapers

Whatcha lovin’ this week??



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