things i love thursday

things i love thursday: number 8

It’s Thursdayyyyyy! A little bit of a sad day as today I leave for my new town. That bittersweet mix of hello and goodbye. Anyways…no more sad stuff. Here is the stuff I LOVE!!!!!

this company called lighter. my incredible dear friend micah has created an amazing company in boston (for now) to help people eat healthier by giving them super healthy tasty food delivery options (including vegetarian and vegan!).

these rad pieces of art. sean’s tattoo artist and his wife own a wonderful shop here in winchester called tin top art (and a shop on etsy) and sell a lot of wonderful things! I got my father an incredible wood cut painting cutout of mark twain for christmas that he looooved.

photo by jewel peach photography

these beautiful photos. My friend Sarah recently was shot by this new friend Jewel Peach and the pictures are just incredible.

this lovely decorated fireplace (the new house has a fireplace and i am over the moon about it.

this beautiful diy table

IMG_6215 IMG_6217 IMG_6221

this combination of bronzed eyes (no liner) with oxblood lips. the lipstick I’m wearing is NYX Cosmetics high voltage lipstick in feline. on patrol for a matte lipstick in a similar shade!

this gorgeous wood palette ceiling (love the color of the walls)

these coconut chips are a bad bad bad habit of mine. whenever we buy them i want to eat the whole bag. heres a way to make your own!

this hot weirdo. i’m sometimes into weird stuff and brooke candy is super weird (and owns it like a boss). her earlier stuff isn’t everyone’s taste but i can dig her feminism and i am LOVING her newest song opulence as it is a great homage to ballroom culture. i LOVE all the headdresses/makeup in that video (and one of my favorite drag queens makes a guest appearance!).  a study in duality also rocks my world right now.

this cardigan. oh my goodness.

these monthly tea boxes look divine

this amazing and creative drag queen lyle xox. slaying it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 5.57.51 PM

this word.


this intro to mala beads. i’ve been interested in getting some for awhile (and horrified at what some places charge) we found a lovely little jewelry stand at a farmers market and i started my usual babbling telling sean all about them. Lucky for the jeweler sean was interested enough that he bought some for his practice.

this room and this sunset.

these celebrity prayer candles. amazing.

Brain food for you:

a year in space: a documentary by time magazine

transgender tinder users are getting banned

these gals know how to wobble

it’s more than cornrows: amandla stenberg’s statement on kylie jenner and cultural appropriation

six times reddit wasn’t completely awful



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