things i love thursday

things i love thursday: number 7

Its Thursday again…so you know get into some stuff that i love (and maybe you love too?)

these incredible movies. we had a studio ghibli movie night and finally watched spirited away and the tale of princess kaguya. both are AMAZING! howl’s moving castle remains my favorite but spirited away is a close second.

these lovely shelves (more ideas in the link!)

this amazing video about makeup tutorials

this gif

this lovely display

this lovely piece of art by conceptvessel

this lovely birdcage/clock

this rad couch. we have been eyeing it for our new living room!

this tiny cat!!!

this beautiful street art

these awesome (FREE) stock photo resources

this bedroom inspiration

this pastel hair guide

these super easy to make burlap letters (i made some for our wedding!)

these dreamboat shoes (totally have them in cream and brown already but lusting for more)

i adore rum and this quote speaks to me on both figuratively and literally

all about white long lace dresses as of late

this roasted beet hummus!

stuff to think about:

-how it feels to kill 62 people-

you can choose to be more empathetic

the story of my 20’s as told in amazon purchases

empathy and chronic pain



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