things i love thursday

things i love thursday: number six

it’s that day again where i overload you with stuff i love!


i am slightly addicted to the wordswag. I’ve been masterfully making all my some of my favorite lyrics come to life. (all pictures by me)

these little bars are the jam. vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo and completely delicious.

i love MAC lipsticks but sometimes it’s nice to find dupes because they are less $$

this doodle

this post on brows i wrote a while ago. good brows never go out of style

these sweet teacup gardens 

the @effyourbeautystandards instagram account is incredibly inspiring

these overnight oats

these wise words

these watercolor tattoos. i have heard they don’t age well from friends but gee whiz they are beautiful

thisssss! I’m weird and hate most meats but bacon is a total weakness for me

these nails

this guide to mindful meditation

everything in this picture= decor heaven

this workout. i am seriously missing working out and this video seems perfect for my needs

this is a great way to get 9 outfits out of only 9 pieces of clothes. perfect for trips!

this rad piece of work

these incredible face swapping pictures. so so funny

this lovely idea of how to use books as decor

Some lovelies to read and ponder:

cultivating detachment

how to get wildly inspired

-beauty behind bars and prison’s underground beauty culture

-email and why its so hard to reply back-

weird and fantastic barbie dolls

i struggled with orthorexia for 7 years. here’s what it was like

what are you into this week?



2 thoughts on “things i love thursday: number six

    1. Yay! Theres tons more dupes on pinterest. I highly encourage you to check out NYX lipsticks if you haven’t 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. -Genevieve

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