things i love thursday

things i love thursday: number three

Hey hey hey!

So here’s some happy things that swirl around in my brain and make my day a little shinier

mandalas <3


i’m kind of nutty about what I use on my curls. this stuff gives me awesome corkscrew curls without being crunchy. i also love that its very affordable, lasts forever, and smells fantastic. win win win.

this reading nook.

this cat-a-saurus

since starting this blog, i have fallen back in love with photoshop and FONTS.

these guys are my new addiction. SO GOOD.

i have been a huge fan of onitsuka tiger by asics mexico for over decade. this color combo is just fantastic.

these beautiful tattoos

this tiny poem

in my dreams i look this put together. in reality i wear sweatpants with my husband’s shirts that no longer fit him because i suck at forgetting to switch the water back to cold on the washing machine (sorry babe)

a waffle BLT sandwich!?! sign me up.

twwly has a super rad blog and her instagram is filled with baby goats, farm living, and beautiful photos of her family.

totoro nails you guys!!1!!1

speaking of totoro, i am in love with this phone case. super twee…maybe but i just don’t care.

yoga sloth!

I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I make an exception for this yogurt.

this couch/bed situation. i would take a thousand naps here.

this gorgeous look by MUA linda halberg

fix up an old shirt and make it new again.

other awesome stuff:

fantastic gofundme  for the owner of a relentlessly gay front yard.-

two faces of pain

can fitness and body positivity coexist

beautiful photos of modified women

calling out sexist advertisements

– embracing your vulnerability-

this is what inclusive feminism looks like



* whale image by shabbyblogs

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