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small silver linings

Yesterday started out like this:

Sleep has been up and down for me as of late. For whatever reason I kept waking up throughout the night and into the morning. I FINALLY woke up at 12:15pm ( a horrifying time to wake up but my body is requiring 10-14 hours of sleep right now while doing the IVIG)….

As soon as I opened my eyes, I had a raging headache.

It very quickly escalated to Migraine Status™.

First came the light sensitivity

and then the nausea.

The awful neck pain where you would be glad to pull your head off your body.

Then the pulsing shocks of pain.

For the first few hours I was awake I just lay in bed with my eyes shut since looking at my computer, phone, or tv made everything hurt more. Trying to talk made me feel like I would spew chunks if I opened my mouth.

(Sean actually said this which was the only party of the day that I enjoyed)

The catch was that I was out of medicine to help my headache which meant I HAD to call my dr’s office, not throw up while talking to the nurse, and pray to all the medication gods that the script would be filled ASAP.

So I called and was told that my dr would be available around lunch time to write me a new prescription. I waited…

and waited…

and waited.

Then my body thought it would be way awesome if all of my day to day nerve pain got a lot worse. So then my body began to feel like this on top of the migraine…



I started to feel really desperate as my pain hit a 9. After waiting most of the day I made myself call my dr AGAIN and begged the nurse to check on the headache medicine.  I was fully prepared to offer her my first-born, all of my makeup, and my iPad in order get in her favor.  She assured me it would be called in by 5:00.  Thanks to the migraine I couldn’t do any of the things  I usually do to get my mind off things (putz around online, binge watch a tv show, read, talk on the phone) so I kept just laying in bed with my eyes closed wishing I could get a body transplant.

I would take Jabba the Hutt’s body if it meant not feeling like this anymore.

don’t be fooled by my flabby butt Im still Im still Genny the Hutt

 and then..


The headache medicine was called in and filled.

Much excite. Very celebrate. Many happies.

The headache medicine made a very drastic change very quickly. After not being able to eat 14 hours I was able to get something small down and feel a shift in my body as the ice pick in my skull slowly faded away.

Even though I had LITERALLY done nothing except lay down all day, my body decided that I needed to go to bed ASAP.

The day felt like a complete and utter waste.

The silver lining is that I don’t feel THAT awful every day. It’s been awhile since I have had a migraine and for that I am grateful. Being in that kind of insane pain makes my daily pain seem a little easier to tolerate.

Thank you Universe for that reminder.


One thought on “small silver linings

  1. Oh Sweetie …. Make sure that prescription bottle is never empty again!!!

    Your “visual blog” today was brilliant. With a minimum of words and a lot of creativity you carried us along with you throughout your miserable day.

    So glad it’s over!!! XO Mama Netschert

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