things i love thursday

things I love thursday: number one

One my favorite blogs This Charming Life does a Things I Love Thursday and I absolutely love reading it. I have discovered so many beautiful pieces of art, inspiring quotes, and other awesome things thanks to Kaelah. I thought it might be fun to begin doing one of my own to share things I love!

the oyster app is like netflix for ebooks. i read a lot so its perfect as its easy on my wallet and you have a wide range of books to choose from. you get a 30 days trial for free so sign up!

this sweet print by mylittlebuffalo

this rad tattoo.

these shoes

loving this makeup by

these yummy looking popsicles.

this lovely  Instagram account

realitytvgifs are the best.

i want to be wherever this is. (picture from here)

this incredibly important message.

the hipstamtic app rules my life right now

this poem by one of my favorite poets.

these guided meditations by the chopra centered lifestyle-

these amazing free yoga videos

my friend’s awesome blog on “the right to be handsome“-

the new florence and the machine album

this great article on fetishizing race and body size

What are you loving right now?



2 thoughts on “things I love thursday: number one

  1. I love the courage of J – she is a transgender woman who recently came out to her family. She struggles daily with demons masquerading as friends and family ; or should I say that her friends and family have become sometimes possessed by demons of fear and judgment, that they sometimes lose track of their essence – which is, after all, love. This Thursday I love that J is determined to express her true self, she understands that the universe demands AUTHENTICITY!

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